SHS is your specialist for molded parts and O-rings in a wide variety of elastomers. Our product range is comprised of standardized parts and a variety of customer-specific tailored solutions.

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Our mission

Elastomer technology comes with a complex, comprehensive set of demands and requirements. Every project is different, and this is what drives us to give our absolute best every day. When it comes to our work, we live by a straightforward motto: “Sophisticated technology. Simple solutions.”

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In order to guarantee that all of our products meet the most exacting quality standards, we offer further testing options in addition to the quality assurance checks that we carry out during the production process.

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• Injection molding • Compression molding • Transfer molding • LSR production • Water jet/laser/plotter cutting • Punching • Extruding

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Our logistics center is comprised of an automated two-aisle small parts warehouse for approximately 30,000 containers, which are divided into two sizes and four versions, as well as an automated single-aisle pallet warehouse for around 1,900 Euro pallets in three different height classes.

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“Sophisticated technology. Simple solutions.” You could really sum up everything we do with this straightforward motto. After all, the more complex the requirements become in the area of elastomer technology, the harder we work to achieve perfection.

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