O-rings (standardized parts in acc. with DIN ISO 3601) are torus-shaped, circular seals with a round cross-section. They create a seal through the deformation of the cross-section and the rebound elasticity of the elastomer in the clearance space. They are installed axially and radially and can be used in static and dynamic applications in their respective areas of application.

You can order our O-rings with special dimensions (outside of our standard inch and metric series) with special tolerances and special surfaces.

PTFE-coated O-rings

An elastomer core (generally FKM/VMQ/EPDM) that is coated with a thin layer of PTFE. Position of impact and the number of layers (e.g. single/double coating) by arrangement. Application example: as a component in mechanical seals.

FEP-coated O-rings

An elastomer core (generally FKM/VMQ) that is seamlessly coated with FEP. Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) is a thermoplastic material with a high level of resistance to chemical and thermal stresses. Moreover, the FEP coating also has a low friction coefficient. The elastomer core corresponds to the properties (temperature range and range of media used) of the chosen material.