Standardized parts

A standardized part is a technical component that is precisely defined and described in a technical standard.

Standardized parts are also made using elastomer.


Seals with an almost square cross-section profile with four lips. Double sealing effect both in axial and radial installations. X-rings offer the following advantages over O-rings in certain applications: – Lower radial pretension required – Sealing lips act as a reservoir for lubricant – A great deal of stability in dynamic applications

Profile seals in acc. with DIN 3869

Profile sealing rings are used to seal screw connections. Their unique geometry keeps the seals from twisting during assembly/screwing in. The profile is standardized in acc. with DIN 3869. The installation space must be designed in acc. with DIN 3852 Part 11.

USIT rings

USIT rings (screw seals) are used for static sealing of screw connections, among other things. The rings are flat gaskets made of metal with a trapezoidal elastomer sealing bead that is vulcanized either on the inside or outside of the ring.


U-rings/lip seals are single-acting piston rod seals. The lip seals can be designed with a range of different geometries. U-rings can be made using elastomers as well as thermoplastics. Design: “press-welded” or “cut lip”